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Want to Live Longer? Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

Live longer with healthy teeth in MilduraHumans can’t live without food, and teeth are required to chew so that our bodies can absorb nutrients. Though 32 teeth are the normal amount, many people have fewer. According to a study published in Periodontology, the more teeth you have, the longer your life expectancy.

Achieving a Fuller, Richer Life

The authors of the article conclude that those who live to be 100 years old retain more of their teeth than those with a life expectancy of 65-74. Furthermore, those involved in the study that had five or more teeth missing have an increased risk of heart-related troubles somewhere between an astounding 60-140%! Some of the subjects were already suffering from osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which may also be linked to periodontal disease.

If you’re missing teeth, don’t despair: the respondents involved in the research who brushed their teeth had regular dental visits and wore dentures. Therefore, as long as you replace your original teeth and stay on top of your oral hygiene, you, too, could experience a 46% lower mortality risk.

Incredibly, another study supports that the number of teeth you possess are directly related to our level of fitness! Your teeth stabilise your neck and head, and therefore, the core of your body. With fewer teeth, your ability to stay active is diminished, leading to the many health problems that apply to a sedentary lifestyle.

The Importance of Regular Checkups

The Tankard Dental team is well-versed in the early identification of gum disease and other potential signs of tooth loss, in addition to screening your mouth for cancer. Virtually every system in your body can be negatively impacted by the effects of periodontal (gum disease), so detecting this issue is of utmost importance to your overall health.

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