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Services Available at Tankard Dental

Experienced Mildura Family Dentistry

Searching for a modern, friendly dental team where all of your family’s oral health concerns can be addressed in a centralised location? For over 30 years, our Mildura family practice has delivered quality, compassionate dentistry to families just like yours.

General & Preventative Dentistry at Tankard Dental
General and Preventative Dentistry – We have nine dentists and two hygienists on staff, using all of the most advanced technology and imaging services available to care for our patients. Read more >>
Crowns and Bridges at Tankard Dental
Crowns and Bridges – Repair broken or missing teeth with a custom porcelain restoration. All of our crowns and bridges are made in our private house lab. Nothing is sent out of town or overseas. Read more >>
Dentures at Tankard Dental
Dentures – Need a new denture or to have one repaired? We offer same-day denture services and fabrication, thanks to our private dental lab right here on our premises. Read more >>
Root Canal Treatment at Tankard Dental
Root Canal Treatment – Keeping your teeth healthy for life is important to us. With endodontic treatment, we can help you preserve your natural smile for as long as possible. Read more >>
Dental Implant Surgery at Tankard Dental
Implant Surgery – Implants are the ideal solution for advanced tooth replacement therapy. Our visiting dental implant surgeon places the restorations here in our clinic so that you don’t have to be referred to another office. Read more >>
Children's Dentistry at Tankard Dental
Children’s Dentistry – We gladly accept Medicare schemes for children, providing up to $1,000 in vouchers for paediatric dental services per eligible child, each year. Most families bring their children for checkups starting around 18 months of age. Read more >>
Teeth Whitening at Tankard Dental
Teeth Whitening – Boost the brightness of your tooth enamel with our professional strength whitening treatments. Read more >>
Mouthguards at Tankard Dental
Mouthguards – For people who play sport, a protective athletic mouthguard can safeguard you from dental injury or concussion. Read more >>
Wisdom Teeth Extractions at Tankard Dental
Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Impacted and infected wisdom teeth can cause pain or swelling. Removing them can prevent problems in your neighbouring teeth as well. Read more >>
General Anaesthetic at Tankard Dental
General Anaesthetic – We have visiting privileges at a local hospital to provide general anaesthesia for more complex cases or oral surgeries. Read more >>
Oral Surgery at Tankard Dental
Oral Surgery – Rather than travel to another practice, we bring the oral surgeon to you, so that all of your treatment can be completed in one convenient location. Read more >>
In Chair Sedation at Tankard Dental
In-chair Sedation – Enjoy comfortable “happy gas” or other sedation options to help you relax your way through just about any type of dental procedure. It’s also great for children. Read more >>
woman smiling with clear alignerInvisalign – We’re proud to offer you the focused, advanced dental care that you need to achieve a straighter smile. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can do exactly that-and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. Read more >>
women laughingCosmetic Dentistry – If you’ve ever dreamed about a beautiful, bright smile-now is your time to achieve it. Unlock the smile of your dreams through a custom cosmetic dentistry care plan. Read more >>
Younf woman fun smileWhite Fillings – If you’ve ever had a cavity before, you know that the pain can come on sudden and seemingly without warning. If you’re currently experiencing tooth pain, we recommend booking a visit with us as quickly as possible. Read more >>
bearded man smilingPorcelain Veneers – Do you want to achieve a stunning smile without the need for orthodontic work, whitening or other costly restorations? We have the perfect solution for you. Read more >>
jaw pain in young adult womanEmergency Dental Care – Sometimes, the need to schedule an emergency dental visit at a moment’s notice is a must. When that happens, we’re here for you. Read more >>

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